LEGO double VIP points – everything you need to know

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If you’re looking to get the best possible deal on LEGO sets – particularly at higher price points – taking advantage of LEGO double VIP points is a must. Read on for an overview of double VIP points events, and the benefits they bring to LEGO fans.

What is a LEGO double VIP points event?

Double VIP points events are an offshoot of the LEGO VIP program, offered through and official brick-and-mortar LEGO Stores. This is a loyalty scheme that allows LEGO fans to earn discounts and other rewards when they make LEGO purchases.

These rewards are redeemed with points, which you earn based on the value of your purchase. The specific number of points you earn (and the cost of the accompanying rewards) varies a little based on which part of the world you’re living in.

Amount spentUK VIP points earnedUS VIP points earnedEU VIP points earnedVIP reward value
£1 / $1 / €186.57.55p
£10 / $10 / €1080657550p
£25 / $25 /€25200162.5187.5£1.25
£50 / $50 / €50400325375£2.50
£75 / $75 / €75600487.5562.5£3.75
£100 / $100 / €100800650750£5*
£150 / $150 / €1501,2009751,125£7.50
£200 / $200 / €2001,6001,3001,500£10
£250 / $250 / €2502,0001,6251,875£12.50
£300 / $300 / €3002,4001,9502,250£15
£350 / $350 / €3502,8002,2752,625£17.50
£400 / $400 / €4003,2002,6003,000£20*
£450 / $450 / €4503,6002,9253,375£22.50
£500 / $500 / €5004,0003,2503,750£25
£550 / $550 / €5504,4003,5754,125£27.50
£600 / $600 / €6004,8003,9004,500£30
£650 / $650 / €6505,2004,2254,875£32.50
£700 / 700 / €7005,6004,5505,250£35
£1000 / $1000 / €10008,0006,5007,500£50*
£2000 / $2000 / €200016,00013,00015,000£100*

*Amount of VIP points redeemable for a single voucher – these can be stacked.

In any case, the amount of points you receive is typically rounded up to the nearest whole number in your respective currency. For example, 60324 Mobile Crane costs £39.99 within the UK. Since you earn eight VIP points for every £1 spent, you would receive 320 VIP points if you purchased this in the UK.

LEGO CITY 60324 Off road Crane 2

A double VIP points event literally doubles the amount of points you earn on LEGO purchases. Therefore, if you bought 60324 Mobile Crane in the UK during this event you would earn 640 VIP points rather than 320. Here’s a breakdown of how many LEGO VIP points you’ll earn during a double VIP points event.

Amount spentDouble UK VIP points earnedDouble US VIP points earnedDouble EU VIP points earnedVIP reward value
£1 / $1 / €116131510p
£10 / $10 / €10160130150£1.00
£25 / $25 /€25400325375£2.50
£50 / $50 / €50800650750£5
£75 / $75 / €751,2009751,125£7.50
£100 / $100 / €1001,6001,3001,500£10*
£150 / $150 / €1502,4001,9502,250£15
£200 / $200 / €2003,2002,6003,000£20
£250 / $250 / €2504,0003,2503,750£25
£300 / $300 / €3004,8003,9004,500£30
£350 / $350 / €3505,6004,5505,250£35
£400 / $400 / €4006,4005,2006,000£40*
£450 / $450 / €4507,2005,8506,750£45
£500 / $500 / €5008,0006,5007,500£50
£550 / $550 / €5508,8007,1508,250£55
£600 / $600 / €6009,6007,8009,000£60
£650 / $650 / €65010,4008,4509,750£65
£700 / 700 / €70011,2009,10010,500£70
£1000 / $1000 / €100016,00013,00015,000£100*
£2000 / $2000 / €200032,00026,00030,000£200*

*Amount of VIP points redeemable for a single voucher – these can be stacked.

When do LEGO double VIP points events take place?

There are a few distinct flavours of double VIP points events for LEGO fans. Only some are predictable, and some also limit the sets you can earn double VIP points on.

The most common variety of double VIP points event takes place every month, and focuses on two LEGO products at a time. These are normally very different in target audience, allowing for a broad range of interests to be represented. 

Another variety of double VIP points event takes place four to five times a year, lasting a few days each time. Unfortunately, we aren’t given much advance notice of each event – and specific dates vary from year to year. To get an idea of what to expect, we’ve rounded up the LEGO double VIP points 2022 and 2021 events below.

YearStart dateEnd date
2022February 24February 28
2022March 12March 14
2022June 24June 30
2022July 12July 13
2022October 10October 16
2021April 12April 20
2021June 22June 22
2021July 12July 18
2021October 11October 19

This suggests that in future, you can expect LEGO double VIP points events in the spring, in July and in October – although, naturally, there are no promises at this stage.

Since Star Wars is a major brand partner for the LEGO Group, it receives a dedicated May the Fourth event each year. 2022’s ran from May 1 to May 8, and offered double VIP points on certain Star Wars sets, as well as various promotional items. You can safely bet that similar events will appear on for the foreseeable future. 

Finally, the LEGO Group runs a VIP Weekend event on the weekend preceding Black Friday. In addition to double VIP points on orders, LEGO fans usually have the opportunity to score exclusive LEGO sets and other items before the general public. Since Black Friday is announced well in advance, this double VIP points event is easier to anticipate than the others.

Why are LEGO double VIP points events so important?

The most obvious benefit of double VIP points events is that they allow you to reach reward thresholds more quickly than usual. Generally speaking, LEGO fans need to spend significant amounts of money to get even low-level discounts. 

VIP DiscountUK VIP Points CostUS VIP Points CostDE VIP Points Cost
£5 / $5 / €5 800650750
£20 / $20 / €203,2002,6003,000
£50 / $50 / €508,0006,5007,500
£100 / $100 / €10016,00013,00015,000

For example, in order to earn a £5 discount within the UK, you need to spend £100 on LEGO products. Double VIP points promos cut that spend in half, and when paired with other LEGO discounts (which occasionally overlap with LEGO double VIP points events) it’s possible to stretch your money to impressive lengths in the long run.

As VIP points are tied to monetary spend, LEGO double VIP points events allow you to earn significant quantities of VIP points – particularly if you’re buying the most expensive products in the LEGO line-up. As such, if you’ve been waiting to make a big LEGO purchase, double VIP points events offer a phenomenal opportunity.

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon lifestyle featured resized

To take an extreme example, 75192 Millennium Falcon currently has an RRP of £734.99. This means that during a double VIP points event, you’ll rack up a whopping 11,760 VIP points. That’s enough to earn you a £70 discount on your next order.

Of course, you have to spend over £700 to secure that discount in the first place – so from that perspective, double VIP points events aren’t a direct money saver. But if you’re going to buy an expensive LEGO set anyway, it pays to wait until you can do so while earning double VIP points.  

What are LEGO double VIP points?

A double VIP points event is a period where LEGO fans can earn twice the amount of VIP points as usual, equivalent to 10% cash back to spend on future purchases.

What do I use LEGO VIP points for?

VIP points can be used at and in LEGO stores to earn discounts on future purchases and acquire exclusive items.

How do I earn LEGO VIP points?

You can earn LEGO VIP points by making a purchase on or at a LEGO Store as a VIP member. Becoming a VIP member is free and can be done at, within a LEGO Store or over the phone.

How do I spend LEGO VIP points?

Visit the VIP Rewards Centre on to redeem rewards, or present your VIP card in a LEGO Store. You can redeem rewards such as discounts on LEGO sets, art prints and even (in rare instances) LEGO sets.

When does LEGO do double VIP points?

You can earn double LEGO VIP points on two different LEGO sets each month, or on everything four to five times a year. Look out for events around March, June, July and October. You can also earn double VIP points around Black Friday, and on Star Wars sets in early May.

Should I wait for LEGO double VIP points?

Waiting to purchase large LEGO sets in a double VIP points event is a good idea, as it allows you to make significant savings on LEGO sets down the line. The more you spend, the more VIP points you earn.
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