Latest LEGO double VIP points offer now live worldwide

The LEGO Group’s latest double VIP points event is now live worldwide, offering a great opportunity to get ahead of the impending price increases.

Roughly a quarter of the current LEGO portfolio will experience price rises in August and September, and US retailer Barnes & Noble has provided a glimpse at which sets are likely to be affected. Among those most severely impacted are 71043 Hogwarts Castle and 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, both of which have jumped by $70 at Barnes & Noble, and 75313 AT-AT, which has climbed to an eye-watering $849.99.

That makes this double VIP points offer – which runs through today and tomorrow only, coinciding with Amazon Prime Day – perhaps your last chance to secure the best price possible on some of the LEGO Group’s biggest and best exclusives. Double VIP points is equivalent to 10% cashback in points to spend on future purchases – or a brilliant effective discount on sets that may never be marked down anywhere else.

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT AT review 82

If you grab 75313 AT-AT during this promotion, for instance, you’ll instantly earn a cool $70 back (perhaps to spend on Snowtroopers to fill it with?), compared to $35 under regular VIP rates. And if Barnes & Noble’s price increase is matched across the board come August or September, you’re essentially also saving a further $50 by buying now instead of next month.

From a consumer perspective, that kind of logic is obviously playing right into the LEGO Group’s hands, but we’re up against a wall with these price rises. All any of us can really do is take advantage of discounts as and when they appear – such as right now, with the latest LEGO double VIP points event. You’ve got until the end of play July 13 to make the most of it.

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