LEGO Elves Build 2: Bathroom accessories

The popular fantasy theme LEGO Elves has some fantastic sets, but has been largely devoid of trappings such as furniture for the Elves and Emily Jones. Brick Fanatics has set out to remedy that with these neat little Elves inspired builds

These furniture builds are designed to complement your LEGO Elves collection, so that you can be inspired to expand the fantasy setting and go beyond what has been released in the official sets.

Lavatory and sink

LEGO Friends has included bathrooms as prominent features in nearly every large set released as part of the theme. However, to date, none have been included in any LEGO Elves sets, so this build seeks to remedy that omission.


Lavatories must have a little bit of length to them in order to accommodate the longer legs of mini-dolls.


The sink is constructed using multiple dish pieces.

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