LEGO Elves Build 3: Table and chairs

The popular fantasy theme LEGO Elves has some fantastic sets, but has been largely devoid of trappings such as furniture for the Elves and Emily Jones. Brick Fanatics has set out to remedy that with these neat little Elves inspired builds

These furniture builds are designed to complement your LEGO Elves collection, so that you can be inspired to expand the fantasy setting and go beyond what has been released in the official sets.

Table and chairs

With how often the characters in the LEGO Elves TV series are eating food and hanging out, it would make sense for dining tables to be common within the range. But as they are not, this little build show show you might build one.


Table and Chairs-2


The table is constructed using brackets topped by tiles.


The trick with chairs for the Elves, or Friends for that matter, is ensuring that their large hair pieces have enough room so as not to hit the back of the chair.

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