LEGO explains how learning-through-play helps children at school

The latest video from the LEGO Group offers insight into how learning-through-play can help children to excel and succeed in school.

The video features expert opinions and professional anecdotes from Alice Millard, LEGO Design Manager for 4+, and from various scientific experts in children’s development from around the world.

The focus here is on how playing with construction toys, like LEGO bricks, can help build skills that will help pre-school children excel once they go to school. Some key talents referenced include teamwork, relationship-building, and more.

“The ability to create, to communicate, collaborate, to problem-solve – those really start at a very young age,” explains Dr Natalie Rusk, Research Scientist at Lifelong Kindergarten at MIT Media Lab in the video. “Often, it starts through children’s play and interacting with materials and other people.”

The LEGO Group has always backed learning-through-play, seeking to help children develop key skills around the world. In particular, the company has advocated for projects to help children from marginalised communities, including their recent work in Ireland. They even encourage play for their own employees’ development, through their annual Play Days.

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