LEGO factory MOC builds other LEGO models

A working LEGO build has proven popular online, that is a cleverly coded car building factory.

This ingenious build from Daniele Benedettelli is a LEGO build that builds other LEGO builds – it is very meta. The programmed factory takes each section of LEGO car, and attaches them in matching colours. The model uses Mindstorms EV3 bricks to control robotic arms in a way reminiscent of real car factories.

The project is actually a few years old, but has just recently been picking up plenty of views after several popular geek based websites have featured it. Benedettelli completed it for a company named CEA List, with it being used as a test for a new programming language for automation and industrial processes.

Each car is assembled using four pre-built sections and each part is added by a different section of the model, with the cars moving along an assembly line. The model knows if the car has been built correctly, and is capable of being more than one vehicle at a time.


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