LEGO fan builds fully functional Classic Space inspired pinball machine

A talented LEGO fans has put together a 15,000 brick pinball machine – that actually works.

LEGO fans Bre Burns was inspired by Classic Space when building this full sized, working pinball machine titled Benny’s Spaceship Adventure, ARS Technica reports. As a complete purist, she has even used authentic LEGO elastic bands and Mindstorms steel balls amidst the 15,000 elements.

The intelligence of the build is housed in LEGO Mindstorms NXT bricks that Bre had programmed, using other Mindstorms and Power Functions components such as light sensors, colour sensors and ultrasonic sensors. Powering the model is either a Power Functions battery box or a 9V speed regulator. Even the LEDs used are official LEGO pieces.

What makes it most impressive of course is that the game is completely playable. It was first available to fans to try at BrickCon last year, but has since had a few enhancements as Bre continues to expand the project.

Pinball, pinball, PINBALL!


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