LEGO fan festival coming to locations across the US

A lot of in-person events have been cancelled over the last year, but

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fan festival, BrickUniverse, seems confident they will be able to hold their events throughout this year and the next.

The festival will take place in range of locations across the United States:

There will be a range of brick-built displays to browse, including the Notre Dame, Mount Rushmore, and the Golden Gate Bridge, among many more. Other activities include meeting professional

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artists, displaying your own builds in the Fan Zone, access building areas, and getting a minifigure caricature of yourself.

Vendors are also in attendance to sell a range of LEGO-related items, from LEGO sets to merchandise, rare finds, and more. Tickets range in price from $12.99 online to $18 on the door, depending on the location. BrickUniverse warns guests that there’s no guarantee that tickets will be available on the door, as they have sold out in the past. Some locations don’t sell any tickets on the day, so it’s best to check the ticket rules for your location in advance.

What’s more, with social distancing measures and other hygiene rules in place, such as face coverings and regular cleaning, numbers will likely be lower than usual this year. If you’re keen to get back to meeting members of the LEGO community in person, make sure you secure your ticket soon.

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