LEGO farmer reveals more about agricultural life

An agribusiness specialist has used LEGO bricks to demonstrate the variety of jobs in the industry.

Realising that explaining the variety of agricultural jobs available is not necessarily well known to those outside of the industry, Aimee Snowden developed the LEGO farmer to share more about the kind of work available in Australian agriculture. Little Brick Pastoral is the name that she goes by on social media, where the various images are shared.

Using the simple minifigure, The Weekly Times reports that Snowden has represented agronomists, earthworkers, horticulturists, tractor mechanics and more. She has even started selling greetings cards and calendars featuring the images.


As part of her work to share more about the Australian agricultural sector, Snowden has spoken at events including the 2018 PIEFA (Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia) Conference and Women in Farming events.
Those who enjoy seeing minifigures up to various rural work can check out the website, Little Brick Pastoral.


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