LEGO finance director steps down

The finance director at the LEGO Group, John Goodwin, has announced that he is stepping down from his position after four years with the company. He will remain in the role until June 2017.

The Copenhagen Post report Goodwin’s comment that it has been ‘no easy decision’, continuing:

Lego has been just over four years of my professional career, which have been absolutely wonderful,” said Goodwin.

“But I think that now is the right time to announce my decision to resign next year to address the next step in my career – especially my focus on charity.”


Comment from the managing director of the LEGO Group, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, are also covered:

“His strong strategic thinking and relentless focus on skilful operating has been a crucial catalyst for us to handle the amazing growth we have experienced in recent years,” said Knodstorp.

“There is no doubt that John has changed Lego Group and that the Lego Group has changed him.”

The announcement follows news earlier this year that sales in the USA have stalled, affecting the company’s overall growth in 2016.


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