LEGO FORMA encourages colouring in with 81003 Ink Koi Skin

Adult colouring books inspired LEGO FORMA 81003 Ink Koi Skin, with the latest update from the team showing what can be done with the set.

LEGO FORMA will be arriving with backers in a few weeks, as the fishy product that went through a crowd funding model swims closer to shore. Those who ordered any of the LEGO FORMA sets have received regular updates via e-mail, with the latest looking at 81003 Ink Koi Skin.

One of three skin packs to attach to the main model, 81003 Ink Koi Skin is white with black lines, intended for fans to colour in themselves and choose their own pattern. According to the new e-mail, the design team “drew on inspiration from adult colouring books and ink art.”

LEGO FORMA colouring in

“Even though it makes a beautiful display piece as it is, we could not resist colouring it in,” the e-mail goes on to say. The image above shows what can be done with some patience and artistry, representing the results of the LEGO FORMA team having a colouring-in session. One of the intentions with this new theme is to expand how fans can be creative with LEGO products.

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