LEGO Friends 2021 sets launch several days early at the online store

You can now order the new range of LEGO Friends sets in the UK and Germany, several days ahead of their planned 2021 release.

If you’re after a way to brighten up the end of what’s been a fairly dismal year all-round, head over to You’ll find multiple new themes with sets available to order right now, including CITY, Technic, Super Mario and Friends – days before they were originally due to launch.

The new range of mini-doll sets sees the LEGO Friends kicking back in Heartlake City, with a park, movie theatre and organic café all on the menu. That eatery also hints at the fresh focus on green living, from 41443 Olivia’s Electric Car to the solar panels atop 41449 Andrea’s Family House.

Here’s every LEGO Friends 2021 set available early at

41439 Cat Grooming Car
41443 Olivia’s Electric Car
41444 Heartlake City Organic Café
41447 Heartlake City Park
41448 Heartlake City Movie Theatre
41449 Andrea’s Family House
41666 Andrea’s Bunny Cube
41665 Stephanie’s Cat Cube
41664 Mia’s Pug Cube
41663 Emma’s Dalmatian Cube
41662 Olivia’s Flamingo Cube

Two more sets – 41691 Doggy Day Care and 41692 Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter – are also on the bill for 2021, but they’re still listed as ‘Coming Soon’ in every territory.

If you’re outside the UK or Germany, you’ll unfortunately have to wait until January 1 for all the sets as originally planned. But don’t feel too envious of UK fans: unless they pay for express delivery (with a flat fee of £21), they’re in for a potentially long wait while the border backlog clears.

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