LEGO Friends 30416 Market Stall gift-with-purchase review

30416 Market Stall is a nice little gift-with-purchase polybag currently available in the US and Canada – not that we need an excuse to buy LEGO Friends sets right now.

LEGO Friends hardly needs to incentivise you to pick up its wares at the moment, but all the same there’s a nice little polybag available on qualifying purchases of $40 in North America (and North America alone – this promotion unfortunately isn’t available in the UK and Europe at the moment).

It’s safe to say that 2022 so far belongs to LEGO Friends, for the sheer number of high-quality, detailed, immersive and ridiculously creative sets the theme has enjoyed from January 1, tying in with its 10th anniversary on shelves.

41704 Main Street Building, 41703 Friendship Tree House and 41702 Canal Houseboat are just three examples of outstanding, eye-catching sets that demonstrate that even though the theme is already 10 years old, it continues to grow from strength to strength.

It’s a theme that barely needs any additional selling or incentives, but that’s not stopped the LEGO Group from producing a 2-in-1 polybag – 30416 Market Stall – available at and in LEGO stores as a gift-with-purchase from January 28 until February 13 (or while stocks last).

The polybag can be had with spends over $40 and includes two mini-dolls and a small selection of little side stalls, with the 2-in-1 aspect being how you configure the make-up of those stalls. There’s a nice collection of interesting and useful parts in the bag, while the two characters are a great entry point into the theme for those new to the colourful world of Friends.

In all, 30416 Market Stall serves as a great little bonus LEGO set for anyone who picks it up as part of this promotion – not that an extra incentive to consider those Friends sets was really needed…

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