LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Tree House review

The latest wave of LEGO Friends sets includes a new mix of pastel coloured delights, including this tree house hideaway

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LEGO Friends is a theme that I haven’t delved into since 2012 when my daughter was a keen collector and Olivia’s Tree House featured in the first wave of sets – six years on and the range continues. The backstory behind this set is that Mia has inherited a treehouse from her brother Daniel who is off to college, and my first impressions are positive – the look of the set does neatly support the story and it does feel like Mia is dressing the treehouse for when her friends visit.

LEGO 41335 Friends Treehouse 2

I am not a fan of minidolls but I’m sure the two included in 41335 Mia’s Tree House will appeal to those who are. Mia comes with a short-sleeved, blue check shirt and bright green three-quarter shorts. Daniel is a little more conservative wearing blue jeans and his green and white college jacket. Also included are two animal figures – Cinnamon bird and Mimi bunny, both of which I’m sure will appeal enormously to the target demographic.

The build is a fairly straightforward process and starts with three brown, rock parts to form the main tree trunk in which one of our characters can hide. The treehouse itself is a colourful affair and makes use of brown, tan, blue, orange and lavender parts which work really well and are what we’ve come to expect from the theme. On the treehouse balcony there’s a bucket and a purple paint roller, suggesting that Mia may have a new colour scheme in mind for the treehouse she has inherited.

As for the inside of the treehouse, it is fitted out with a seat, table and a mix of printed parts and stickers which add a nice level of detail. The zip wire and the scramble net add an enormous amount of playability and I love the fact that the zip wire lands on a target .

The roof 41335 Mia’s Tree House opens and includes a crate of Daniel’s stuff which he has stored away for safekeeping. The top of the treehouse also includes a lavender bird’s nest in which Cinnamon keeps a watchful eye on her egg. And Mimi isn’t left out either, with a small bunny house build complete with carrots.

What strikes me the most about this set is the amount of accessories that are included which add significantly to the playability and desirability of this set. The sets includes a water gun, a book of ghost stories, a torch (a fundamental requirement if you’re reading spooky stories), a board game, a ball, a boomerang, a pack of cards and enough pizza for Mia and her friends. It also includes Mia’s skateboard, which is neatly finished with a sticker, and my personal favourite has to be the printed “l love Heartlake City” mug.

This is nicely executed set that I am certain will appeal to fans and collectors of the theme. Packed with plenty of playability and also good value for money, I would recommend this set to anyone looking to expand their collection or looking for a gift that would be very well received.

This set was provided for review by The LEGO Group.

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