LEGO Friends are on holiday in Summer 2017 releases

Information from the LEGO stand at New York Toy Fair now brings news from the Heartlake City residents that make up the LEGO Friends, revealing a variety of holiday destinations for the group in the Summer 2017 range. As well as a ski resort, the gang will also be taking to the sea and visiting some warmer locations. The spirit of Paradisa goes on.

Brickset shares the following images of the LEGO Friends line-up.

41315 Heartlake Surf Shop, 186 pieces


71316 Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter, 309 pieces


41317 Sunshine Catamaran, 603 pieces


41318 Heartlake Hospital, 871 pieces,


41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink, 307 pieces


41323 Snow Resort Chalet, 402 pieces


41323 Snow Resort Ski Lift, 585 pieces


41326 Advent Calendar





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