LEGO Ghostbusters HQ 2016 Rumor

Are you sat down? good then get ready for a mind blowing rumor from Just2Good on YouTube. Now he is known to have insider information so his rumors do carry some weight but take it as just a rumor for now. Firstly the bad news according to him we won’t be getting a modular at start of 2016 but later on in the year….

….So on to the main news and at first I dismissed it but seems this rumor carries a set number, piece count and US price!!! LEGO will be releasing an exclusive LEGO Ghostbusters HQ set next year, the set nas the number 75827 and comes with a massive 4,600 pieces and retail at $350. From the sounds of it you will be able to open it much like the Haunted House, now it remains to be seen if LEGO scale it to modular size with a smaller ecto-1 or they scale it so the LEGO Ideas ecto 1 fits inside.

It may aslo mean the Stay Puft Ideas project might pass review to complete the theme. The set is based on the building from the original movies not the upcoming reboot. I’m so gald I didn’t have the cash to build my own version of the HQ with the instructions floating around on the new. You can watch the YouTube clip below:

News via The Brick Fan, featured image of the Swiss Ghostbusters custom version.


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  1. TheMinifigureStore

    Now this is what i’m talking about. Been wanting to BL it for a while but just haven’t got the time. 1st Day buy and hopefully that Dimensions Slimer will come along with it!

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