LEGO Gingerbread House coming in November

Another new product to tell you about, the November LEGO Store Calendar is now online. This is the North American store calendar and much better then the “improved” version the UK gets. I saw this posted on our Germans friends site Promobricks at 2PM this afternoon but not had chance to post the news. They got it from the minifigureguide who got it from Reddit…………………. 😛

Just to clarify about the earlier shopping news, I found out about the Argos deal via my wifes childminding emails and the Amazon via email alerts connected with Brick Badger but as I’ve been out of office all day not had chance to post news, if not these would have been on first thing this morning, just so we are clear!!! 😡

The new set is 40139 Gingerbread House and will be given out with purchases of $99 on thr Black Friday weekend. Also pictures is the 40138 Christmas Train that will also be given out with orders $99 between October 13th and November 13th. You can see high res images if you download the PDF that is linked above. I suspect these will be given out on orders of either £50 or £75 in the UK. Soon as we have details will post.


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