The LEGO Group wins gold for online safety game Doom the Gloom

At a recent awards ceremony, the LEGO Group took home gold for its Doom the Gloom game, which helps children to stay safe online.

Online safety is a concern for everyone, but particularly for the parents and guardians of young children. More than ever before, adolescents are growing up as digital natives, with phones and tablets never far away. As the extremely sad case of Molly Russell shows, while some online issues can be nothing more worrying than some virtual squabbling, things can often become far more serious and have tragic consequences.

The LEGO Group is introducing more and more digital elements to its portfolio. That covers themes like VIDIYO and Hidden Side, downloadable building instructions and the new interactive story-building sets like 60355 Water Police Detective Missions. To that end, it’s developed a new online game, featuring a character called Captain Safety, to help children develop good online ‘habits’.

My online hero
The Brick Fanatics avatar. This is what we actually look like.

These run from considering who you might be talking to, to polite behaviours such as not sharing that picture of your friend looking ridiculous without asking their permission. After creating your online avatar from a restricted set of heads, torsos, legs and accessories, you can then play simple games that, if completed, open up further options to customise your on-screen counterpart.

The game has received industry praise, as it’s recently been awarded gold at the Play for Change awards. And in line with the LEGO Group’s reputation for quality, Doom the Gloom seems to have been designed and constructed extremely well – though some of the games seem to be for nimbler fingers than those at Brick Fanatics HQ.

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