LEGO Harry Potter 30628 Monster Book of Monsters turns up in the wild

One lucky LEGO fan has found LEGO Harry Potter 30628 Monster Book of Monsters in the wild.

Instagram user @emilyloveslego picked up the promotional set at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Atlanta, US. While the product number suggests it will eventually be a gift-with-purchase, she was able to buy the Wizarding World set outright for $20.

30628 Monster Book of Monsters initially showed up at a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Shanghai, where it’s currently free with purchases over 1,399 Chinese yuan (roughly £162). The LEGO Group then finally unveiled official images of the buildable book yesterday.

While there’s no confirmation yet on when or if the set will find its way across the Atlantic, our money is on it remaining a gift-with-purchase, probably in December. If you can’t wait that long, you can find the instructions over at You just won’t be able to add the stickers that make up its eyes and title.

LEGO Harry Potter 30628 Monster Book of Monsters

The boxed 30628 The Monster Book of Monsters also includes a non-exclusive minifigure of Draco Malfoy in his Hogwarts uniform. If it does materialise as a gift-with-purchase, you’ll likely need to buy LEGO Harry Potter sets to qualify. Fortunately, there’s plenty to choose from, including the newly-launched 75978 Diagon Alley.

The same lucky LEGO fan also found San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive LEGO Marvel 77905 Taskmaster’s Ambush at the same store. That set has so far only been available briefly through Amazon, but like LEGO Star Wars 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate, it now seems to be going on wider sale.

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