LEGO Harry Potter may get a full Triwizard reboot next year

With rumours of the Triwizard Cup being revisited next year, might LEGO Harry Potter finally get a revamp of the third task?  

We’re only into August but the rumour mill for 2023 is already at full speed. There’s a suggestion – and it is no more than a suggestion, mind – that the LEGO Group will be releasing a new set based on the second task of the Triwizard Cup. This set of challenges, which sees Hogwarts compete against two rival schools, forms the core of the fourth Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire.

The three challenges, which Potterheads will need no reminding of, consisted of snatching a dragon’s egg, rescuing something from the bottom of Hogwarts lake and finally, navigating a trap-laden maze.  The first task has seen a few sets over the years, stretching as far back as the 2005 set 4767 Harry and the Hungarian Horntail. We then had 75946 Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge in 2019 and then earlier this year we saw a detailed model of the beast itself in 76406 Hungarian Horntail Dragon.

The second challenge has thus far only seen one set, also from 2005. 4762 Rescue from the Merpeople was a small build, consisting of just 175 pieces, but it did punch above its weight with an impressive five minifigures. If the aforementioned rumour mill is to be believed, then set 76420, suggested to be named Black Lake Triwizard Challenge, could well update that watery task. 

All of which leaves the last, and arguably most important of the three Triwizard tasks. Making their way through the final maze, Harry and the unfortunate Cedric Diggory – Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t end well for Cedric – grab the Triwizard cup, only to find… well, maybe there are a few people who haven’t read it so we’ll say no more. But suffice to say that this task has only been recreated in LEGO the once.

Set 4766 Graveyard Duel was a fair sized set back in 2005, with eight minifigures, including a glow in the dark head for he who shall not be named. Poor old Cedric didn’t make the cut though, left out in favour of a number of skeletons. So with around six more Harry Potter themed sets rumoured for 2023, we’ve got a hunch that this particular scene from the Goblet of Fire may get a makeover.

Our hunches have been wrong before though, so best to wait for an official announcement.

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  • 24/08/2022 at 14:52

    I think you forgot that the graveyard scene was a set in 2019, too. Set 75965.


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