LEGO has a spot on Reddit’s 2022 place project

For April Fool’s 2022, Reddit reintroduced their collaborative Place project and the LEGO Group has a spot on it thanks to the community.

Five years ago in 2017, Reddit hosted Place on the platform, a collaborative social experiment open for a limited time where pixels on a canvas could be changed by users, but only in a limited capacity. This led to cooperation within and between communities to create artwork on the wider collage representing the various subreddits on the platform.

For 2022, the project is back for a second run. At the time of writing, next to the Danish flag you can find a shortened version of the LEGO Group’s logo, representing the community in the social experiment. To create and maintain this section of Place, an organised effort has been made by the LEGO subreddit to demonstrate the passion for the plastic pieces.

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The experiment will end on April 5, and it’s yet to be seen whether the community can keep this portion of Place dedicated to bricks until the end of the project when no more changes can be made.

The LEGO section and surrounding areas in the finished result might be well-represented using 21226 Art Project, which you can find on the official online store now.

Featured image: Reddit

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One thought on “LEGO has a spot on Reddit’s 2022 place project

  • 03/04/2022 at 20:42

    Come visit r/place now… the LEGO logo is now accompanied by Benny our favorite space man.


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