LEGO Hidden Side to end in 2020?

Rumours are flying around suggesting that LEGO Hidden Side won’t be back next year.

LEGO Hidden Side recently returned with a wave of sets that offered a mix of haunted locations and ghost-busting vehicles. It may be the theme’s final wave though, as rumours are being spread by YouTube channels including Ashnflash and Just2Good that it won’t return in 2020. It’s unclear as to what the source of the information is – Ashnflash points to Stone Wars, but it’s unclear where Stone Wars has published that information.

Hidden Side started life in 2019, with two more waves of sets released this year. The spooky theme follows Jack and Parker as they seek to save Newbury from mysterious paranormal goings-on. It introduces an augmented reality (AR) aspect to a LEGO theme, bringing sets to life through mobile devices.

LEGO Hidden Side 70436 Phantom Fire Truck 3000 1

This rumour should be taken with an extra large dollop of salt until more information is available. If it does turn out to be accurate, LEGO Hidden Side has had a longer life than most LEGO themes, which tend to only get one batch of sets on the shelves.

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