LEGO is hiring a Confidentiality Director to combat leaks

The LEGO Group has listed a new job opening for a Confidentiality Director, whose main responsibility will be managing leaks of new products.

News and images of sets leaking out before their intended reveal date is a problem the LEGO Group has had to contend with for years, and is currently trying to combat through its Confidentiality Team.

Comprised of eight people, this group is responsible for ‘driving and securing the confidentiality agenda’ across the company, through protection of digital and physical assets, managing the ‘habits and behaviours’ of employees, and reacting to leaks as they happen.

The LEGO Group is now hiring a new Confidentiality Director to oversee the latter of those strategies. The successful candidate will be a ‘fiercely results-oriented business leader’ with critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills, who will help the Confidentiality Team to determine the sources of leaked images and information.

The role will be based in Billund, Denmark – the home of the brick – but you’ll need to be fluent in English. If you’re interested in taking on the role, head over to the LEGO Careers page to apply now. Whoever assumes this position, any success in the role could well mean far fewer rumours and leaked images emerge on platforms like Instagram in the years to come.

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Chris Wharfe

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