LEGO 10308 Holiday Main Street marks a major change from other Winter Village sets

LEGO 10308 Holiday Main Street has a few key differences that set it apart from previous Winter Village sets.

Looking back at sets of Winter Village past, 2022’s 10308 Holiday Main Street is the black sheep of the collection for a number of reasons. As noted in our detailed review, the colours are far less bright in this holiday set than the previous ones.

Instead of vivid red, green, and other festive colours in sets like 10222 Winter Village Post Office and 10235 Winter Village Market, 10308 features toned-down shades of olive green and beige. If it weren’t for the snow and the Christmas tree, you’d be forgiven for not realising it’s actually a holiday set.

There’s also far less snow perched on top of the wintry buildings than in previous years, covering just half of the rooves instead of heaped on top like in 10229 Winter Village Cottage. All in all, this makes for a much more muted set than we often see in the LEGO Group’s holiday reveals; 10308 wouldn’t look out of place when displayed all year round, after a few tweaks.

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Another change also makes the set easier to display. 10308 Holiday Main Street includes far less fiddly sub-builds than others of its ilk, comprising of four elements: two buildings, the streetcar and a Christmas tree.

Previous sets like 10267 Gingerbread House contained several tiny bits and pieces, including miniature gift boxes, trains, and candy. While cute and clearly a common theme in most of the Winter Village sets, it means displaying them involves arranging (and inevitably losing) dozens of the little neighbouring builds.

While 10308 Holiday Main Street might look less festive without the additional trinkets and bright colours, it could make for a more versatile and attractive display piece that’s better suited to a year-round display.

Dig into the set in more detail in our review here, or decide for yourself and take it home right now if you’re a VIP. 10308 Holiday Main Street is now available for VIP members as of October 3 and for everyone else from October 7 for £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99.  

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  • 04/10/2022 at 12:12

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more main street buildings will follow in the next few years.


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