LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle hints at other classic sets

Amongst the many nods to past sets in LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is one that hints at the potential return of a classic faction.

When 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle launches next month, it’ll see not only the return of a classic theme but also the release of a set that’s packed with pure LEGO nostalgia. The huge 4,514-piece model should take around five hours to construct and there are numerous details and subtle nods to previous sets just waiting for builders to discover.

As well as a number of shields bearing the crests of factions from the earliest days of the LEGO Castle theme, the set also includes a tiny yellow castle (a reference to 375 Castle) and even a link to the upcoming LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71034 Series 23.

In addition, one of the two instruction books included with 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle hints at a few other LEGO Castle sets from yesteryear. A bell tower is located along one of the outer walls of the model, even though it’s not accessible by any of the set’s 22 minifigure characters. Inside the tower is a pearl gold bell piece that at first appears to merely be a decorative element. However, a cryptic quote on page 214 of the first book states, ‘This bell will do well to warn the townsfolk if the wolfpack marauders should one day return…’

Older fans of the LEGO Castle theme will realise this is a reference to the Wolfpack faction of minifigures and sets that appeared from 1992 to 1993. These included 6038 Wolfpack Renegades, 6075 Wolfpack Tower and 1596 Ghostly Hideout. Based on the quote, this could suggest that in LEGO Castle lore, the Wolfpack were considered enemies of the Lion Knights, Black Falcons and Forestmen, hence the factions’ absence from 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle.

It could also suggest the possibility of more LEGO Castle sets arriving some point in the future, in addition to the recent 40567 Forest Hideout gift-with-purchase and 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle. Whilst there’s been no official word from the LEGO Group to confirm that’s the case, it’s certainly interesting to speculate as to which other classic LEGO Castle sets might be given a modern makeover.

LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle will be launching in stores and online from August 8 priced at £344.99 / $399.99 / €399.99. To find out more about this massive model, be sure to check out our full review right here.

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