LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store fan designer signings

LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store is due for release on September 1, with a series of events announced leading up to its release.

Fan Designer Robert Bontenbal will be appearing at four LEGO Stores to sign early release copies of 21310 Old Fishing Store and meet LEGO fans.

The tour begins at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, London:

August 24 – London – LEGO Store Leicester Square
August 25 – France – LEGO Store Paris Forum les Halles
August 26 – Germany – LEGO Store Berlin
August 27 – Denmark – LEGO Store Copenhagen

A live streaming event will be taking place on August 23 from 7.30pm at the LEGO Store Leicester Square to kick things off.

21310 Old Fishing Store will be the largest LEGO Ideas set released so far, with a greater piece count than the last Ideas set to be released – 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V. 21306 Yellow Submarine, 21307 Caterham Seven 620R and 21308 Adventure Time are all available to order now.



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2 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store fan designer signings

  • 14/08/2017 at 10:33

    Yes, it is frustrating that the set has barely been available since it launched. The last I hear, the LEGO Group want to reassure fans it will be in production for some time yet; not a great help of course when you just want to order it and know it is in the collection.

    I do think this is worth covering, you have a solid point. It’s not the first time – 21109 Exo-Suit was under produced when it launched, 21110 Research Institute was always going out of stock and 21301 Birds had a very short run. Outside of Ideas, the Disney Castle was out of stock for some time after its release. On one hand, it is understandable that with these more experimental products, TLG would struggle to gauge demand… on the other, they must have an insane amount of data to inform such decisions.

    So stay tuned, I can’t promise it will be really soon, but we will work on a feature looking at why exclusive LEGO sets, especially Ideas ones, are under produced – and whether the LEGO Group should be doing better. If you want to contribute to such an article, do get in touch!

  • 13/08/2017 at 19:28

    Not nit-picking, but the 21309 NASA Saturn V set has been unavailable to order online for the last month and a half. If I were the designer of this set I would be a little miffed that sales were being missed (considering that the designers receive a small percentage of the cost of each set).
    I have spoken to customer services about this and their only advice was to contact my nearest lego store to see if they had any available, which they do not. I know this has nothing to do with the old fishing shop, but this is a story that I think Brick Fanatics might be interested in covering. I cannot understand how Lego could still not produce further sets to meet demand for this?


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