LEGO Ideas picks out September Activity favourites

A round-up of the most popular builds from September’s LEGO Ideas Activity has been shared by the team.

LEGO Ideas runs weekly Activities – these are little build or photography tasks to get the creative juices flowing. There are no prizes or competitive aspects, they are just about having fun with LEGO bricks and sharing creations – and giving the LEGO Group some material to use on social media.

With the calendar confirming that October has now arrived, so the LEGO Ideas team has shared some of the best builds, including those that were popular with Ideas users, from September’s LEGO Ideas Activities.

This Stethoscope Trophy by Mind the Brick was the fan favourite from the Build to Win Activity.

LEGO Ideas Trophy

Keep it Basic saw Corvus_Auriac’s Leaning Tower of Basic get the most likes.

LEGO Ideas Pida

Knolling didn’t require any building, but Picea’s Four Elements still got 41 likes from fellow users.

LEGO Ideas Knolled

As for Delicious Bakes, LEGO Ideas users felt that Lego CustardKid’s Victorian Cake looked good enough to like.

LEGO Ideas Cake

The Earth Globe and Legendary Stratocaster will be released as LEGO Ideas sets next year.

In other Ideas news, 21313 Ship in a Bottle and 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V are about to be reissued, shortly after being retired.

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