LEGO Ideas platform provides clarity on permissible IPs

A change to the LEGO Ideas platform aims to give users greater clarity about which intellectual properties they can submit product ideas based on.

Fans should have an easier time when assessing their product idea’s chance of getting past the LEGO Ideas review team thanks to a change that has been made to the platform. The team has announced that the first stage of submitting a product idea will now allow users to look up an IP, to see if it has already been rejected or if it has not been assessed yet.

These four reasons have been given for why an IP might be on the disallowed list:

Overlap with currently commercialised LEGO products (i.e. Star Wars, Ferrari, etc)
Have already been commercialised through LEGO Ideas (i.e. Beatles Yellow Submarine, Voltron, etc)
Don’t fit the LEGO Brand (i.e. Game of Thrones or Call of Duty, etc)
Contain a known license conflict that prevent us from commercialising the IP (i.e. Monopoly, Transformers, etc).

The announcement also confirms that the LEGO Ideas team applies the LEGO guidelines in a stricter way than the LEGO Group’s product development departments.

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