LEGO Ideas project of week 15/1

Time to dust off our weekly LEGO Ideas staff pick. I think with Ideas own appeal for more unique not IP based projects, we too are going to try and showcase projects that are not based on a famous movie, TV show etc etc but something it is originial. Now that is easier said then done as Ideas is over loaded with projects just trying to make a quick buck hoping the hardcore fans of their selected IP gets them to 10,000. I mean there is some serious rubbish on there. We get daily emails from people who don’t use our site but expect us to promote their project. You can tell my our lack of publicity our view point.

So to this weeks pick ticks every box we are looking for. It is unique, well thought out. Appeals to both old and young a like and something I personally think should fly through the reivew stage. I’m talking about Human Skeleton and Internal Organs by Umamen LEGO. If you like it then show your support by clicking here.

The description is brief but I think it is one of those occasions that a picture speaks a 1,000 words:

  • This is figure of Human Skeleton and Internal Organs.
  • Height is 27cm (10.6inch).
  • Neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, fingers, waist, crotch, knees, all the ankles move.
  • It is very smooth move.
  • He considered a variety of purposes, such as for education, play, base frame and ornamental.








  1. drlmiles

    As a doctor, I would love to have a Lego skeleton in my GP surgery. This is a really good idea, but the implementation of it is poor – it is inaccurate in so many ways and would be an embarassment to have on display. For instance, the colon/large bowel 1×1 round bricks should be lined up in a vertical axis.

    • Rich

      Valid points, I would assume as this is just a concept LEGO would make it more accurate and check sources/experts during the design process. I hadn’t looked at the organs in detail but have cast another eye on it now 🙂

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