LEGO Ideas project of week 19/2

I have a beauty of a pick this week. We’ve been swamped this week with requests on social media and via email to feature projects and yet had to say no to them all. I’ve made a point of saying we will no longer feature projects based on existing themes or are so big LEGO Ideas will never pass the project in the review stage. This week I think this project is on the borderline with regarding size and what it might retail at if it was to get to 10,000 and pass review.

It is not based on an existing theme and would be at the top end of the price range going off what the LEGO Maze will retail at but after the popularity of the VW Camper Van, F40 and Mini Cooper, there is demand for Iconic cars. This project is based on the iconic Landrover that has been around for decades, I think the project will appeal to not only LEGO fans of model cars but also petrol heads as well. Land Rover have already tweeted their support, which bodes well for a possible license agreement should LEGO decide to pursue a link up deal. Based on previous car based model sets I reckon a retail price of around £75 would not be out of the Ideas price range.

Here is the project blurb: ”

This Lego model of the instantly recognisable Land rover series III has all the features of the original.
With impressive features such as opening doors, bonnet and removable hard top. The detail is just as  amazing from the petrol filler cap, mud flaps and exhaust system. The detail on the inside includes adjustable front seats, moving gearstick, lifelike gauges and highly detailed engine bay with removable grill, enabling you  to see all the internal workings.

This is not only a lifelike model that can be displayed for all to see but can also be great fun with the children creating the ultimate Lego 4×4 experience.

Myself and my son have not only had an amazing time creating this Lego model but we now have a Lego model of the iconic 4×4 known to all as the LAND ROVER to display with pride next to our other Lego models.

The model comprises of approximately 1100 bricks. It measures 27cm length, 13cm height and 13cm width.

We are recommending our Project to Lego as a potential Lego product.”

So if it’s something you think you would buy and would get through the review stage then show your support and vote for it today!



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2 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas project of week 19/2

  • 20/02/2016 at 10:10

    Thanks for doing this post, we really appreciate it! Less than 6,000 supporters needed now so hopefully people will keep supporting and sharing our idea!
    Glad you like it KovJonas, your support is appreciated! ?

  • 19/02/2016 at 21:41

    Oh, it’s really beautiful. I like the nice earth green/dark green color and the design is great too. Supported! 🙂


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