LEGO Ideas project of week 5/2

I keep trying to squeeze an Ideas pick in weekly but most weeks I run out of time. Things are not helped by fact it’s like trying to find projects worth supporting from my view point. I not won’t support any project based on an existing IP. LEGO just won’t approve it so waster of time, again I also try and avoid projects based on other 3rd party IP’s as we have to go down the license route and while projects do get approved such as BTTF and Ghostbusters I prefer to try and now feature those projects that are unique and original.

So if you are wondering why we don’t rely to the 100’s of emails and tweets each week asking us to support your project the above reason are why I don’t. Other staff are free to support/publicize so reach out to them personally 😉

That brings me to my pick for this week. I love modulars but technically they are an existing IP and so far those that have gotten through have failed. However I want to mention the Magic Shop and Modular Construction projects but are very unique and offer something different to the modular city. Although the constructions is too modern for my liking.

Those projects got me thinking about what I’d like to add to my own modular city. Two things sprang to mind, firstly I want a subway and LEGO have ever touch this subject so had a look on Ideas and found LEGO City Subway Train Car a great concept, however it has 67 days left to get to the required support or it will be “retired” which is a shame as the only subway car we have seen in LEGO is from an old Spiderman set and it wasn’t great.

Here is the project pitch and concept designs:

“The LEGO City Subway Train Car is the perfect new and original design for LEGO’s Train Line. This set would be great for train enthusiasts as well as newcomers to LEGO trains, as this set would be the most affordable LEGO train currently available if released. LEGO Power Functions components can be added to the model in order to motorize the train and to illuminate the headlights. Also, a Light Brick is included with every set to light up the interiors of the car.

  This 3-in-1 set will allow you to build one of the three configurations of subway train cars at a time. Additional cars can be bought separately to extend the length of the train to your preference. Power Functions components like the motor, battery box, LED lights, and IR receiver can be easily integrated into the model with simple modification and will be sold separately from this set.

  The LEGO City Subway Train Car has been redesigned more than 10 times when developed to ensure the final build of the model is strong, economical in parts, and is easy for builders of all ages to assemble. The total piece count for the set is 450 pieces, including extra parts to build all 3 configurations as well as integration for Power Functions. Minifigures will NOT be included in order to keep the retail price low and to avoid redundancy when buying multiple of this set.

  When released as a produced set, there will be parts such as the doors and windows made in the new light grey color as well as new printed windows on 1x4x2 transparent wall elements. One trans-yellow Light Brick included in the set is mounted inside the conductor’s cab and can light up the interior of the whole cabin of the train. A lever mechanism holds the Light Brick’s button into the ON position to keep the light on, even when the train is in motion.”

If you like it and think it would be good to be done official, show LEGO by adding your support today. Next week I will showcase the other project I would like to add to my modular city.


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