LEGO Ideas wants you to choose the next LEGO Star Wars UCS set

If you’ve secretly (or openly) been longing for one of three specific LEGO Star Wars UCS sets, it’s your lucky day.

The LEGO Ideas website’s latest poll asks which of the following ships you’d like to see get the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) treatment: the Nebulon B Escort Frigate, TIE Bomber, or Republic Gunship.

Given most of the Star Wars saga’s most iconic vehicles have already been part of the UCS series at least once, it’s refreshing to finally see the line branch out. No matter which one of these sets wins, it will be the very first iteration of the ship in the UCS line.

The vote is open until January 30, 2020 at 10:00 CEST (4:00 EST, 15:00 GMT). You can only vote once, for just one of the models, but the form does allow you to give your reasoning – and suggest a minifigure to be included alongside it.

If the Republic Gunship makes the cut, it will be just the second prequel trilogy LEGO Star Wars UCS set, following 2010’s 10215 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter.

There’s no indication as to when the successful set will be released, but with no rumours on the horizon for 2020’s UCS sets, it could end up being sooner rather than later. And who knows? We could end up seeing all these sets on shelves at some point.

This isn’t the first poll the LEGO Ideas website has run allowing its users to choose a brand new set. Last year, 21321 International Space Station was nominated by fans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the theme. You can check out our review of the set, which will launch into

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