LEGO Imaginarium comes to London, UK this weekend

The LEGO Group is bringing the Imaginarium to London’s Southbank this weekend, December 8 and 9, to celebrate 60 years of the brick.

To round off a year of celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick, the LEGO Imaginarium is coming to the Southbank in London, UK, this weekend. On Saturday, December 8, and Sunday, December 9, the public is welcome to attend the free experience.

In the unique experience, Augmented Reality (AR) and physical play will come together to bring visitors face-to-face with characters and creatures from their imagination, including dragons, pirates and fairies. As well as these digital creations, physical bricks will be on hand to allow guests to build anything they can dream up.

“Families have been getting together and building with LEGO bricks for 60 years and Christmas is a special time when imagination and creativity can be brought to life in a thousand ways,” said Marius Lang, Head of Marketing for LEGO UK & Ireland. “The enduring appeal of the LEGO brick is its ability to become anything kids or adults want – to let them build whatever they can dream of through its endless creative play opportunities. That’s why we’re building the LEGO Imaginarium this weekend, it’s a chance for people to step into creativity and imagination with LEGO and bring their wildest wishes to life in brick form!”

LEGO Imaginarium

Stacy Solomon, who released an album in 2015 and is now billed as a “celebrity mum”, will “unveil” the LEGO Imaginarium. “My kids love getting creative with LEGO, and it always amazes me when I see what they’ve built after being let loose on a box of bricks! We are all excited to visit the LEGO Imaginarium this weekend, take part in some building with fans and experience an AR world filled with LEGO wonder and creativity,” she said.

The LEGO Imaginarium will be open from 10am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 7pm on Sunday. It I free to enter and does not require a ticket.

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