LEGO is the ‘gold standard’ in animated toy content

In a recent interview, Funko Marketing Director Mark Robben talked about the company’s early steps into animation and the success that the LEGO Group has had with such an approach.

Much like the LEGO licensed minifigures, Funko Pop! characters are stylised representations of pop culture icons, and the collectible toy company recently collaborated with Marvel to produce a series of animated videos. In an interview with Herald Net about that content, Robben referred to the success of the LEGO Group in this area.

The company that blazed the trail is Lego, which has television shows, movies and video games featuring characters in the Lego art style.

“I think Lego is the gold standard,” Robben said. “They have the Lego movie, ‘Lego Batman.’ They have made video games animated with Lego characters. That’s the company that’s pushed it the hardest and they’ve been the most successful at it.

“Anyone would wish for that kind of success.”

More video content is on the way from Funko, with a potential video game in the works too.


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