‘The price really hurts’ LEGO Jurassic Park Visitor Center in early review

In the first early review of the upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park line’s flagship set, 76961 Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack, the reaction is mixed – the set has lots of positives that are offset by its high price.

LEGO YouTuber just2good was able to secure all of the LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets releasing on June 1, and he’s wasting no time reviewing them all, starting with the highly anticipated Visitor Center. He praises the dinosaurs, minifigures, and the exterior design of the Visitor Center, but in what seems like a trend, he puts a negative focus on the high price.

It’s no secret that LEGO Jurassic sets are more expensive than other themes when it comes to a pure price-to-piece ratio. The large dinosaur moulds are more expensive to produce than most LEGO elements, so they take up large amounts of the budget allocated to each set. This often results in sets with builds that sacrifice scale or detail in order to make room for dinosaurs.

Speaking of making room for dinosaurs, another of just2good’s criticisms lies in the cramped interior of the Visitor Center. He points out that neither the T. rex skeleton model nor the T. rex itself can fit inside the pavilion, which is a bummer due to the falling banner play feature that, in the film, drapes across the back of the huge beast.


The minifigure selection is a large focus of the video, for which the set is praised. Every minifigure has at least one exclusive print, making the set a great collector’s item – plus you aren’t getting any full repeats if you want to buy other sets in the Jurassic Park line.

Overall, though, it seems like this set is best in the role of a display model rather than a playset. Just2good says he “adore[s] the exterior, however the interior is very truncated and undersized,” and he adds, “the price being 130 dollars really hurts.” The sentiment of newer LEGO releases being overpriced has been echoed by a large portion of fans across nearly all themes in recent months – it’ll be interesting to see if the public’s reception to the LEGO Group’s price increases causes any change in the near future.

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