LEGO Marvel 40334 Avengers Tower available to buy for US fans

Previously a gift with purchase set, LEGO Marvel 40334 Avengers Tower set is now available to buy at the official US online shop.

Rather than having to spend a certain amount of money, collectors can now just spend $19.99 getting LEGO Marvel 40334 Avengers Tower (review) at The micro scale model is only available in the USA though.

The set is a mini model of the Avengers’ New York headquarters, that has been a key location throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, with an accompanying tiny Quinjet build. An exclusive Iron Man minifigure is included in the box, just to make it all the more desirable.

LEGO Art 31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man review

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Originally intended as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, LEGO Marvel 77905 Taskmaster’s Ambush is also available for US fans at It is based on the as-yet-unreleased Black Widow film.

A whole range of new Marvel sets launched recently, including some new expressions that are not at minifigure scale:

76165 Iron Man Helmet
31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man
76152 Avengers Wrath of Loki
76153 Avengers Helicarrier
76151 Venomosaurus Ambush
76166 Avengers Tower Battle
76167 Iron Man Armory

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