LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle is finally back in stock online

Just in time for fresh rumours of a second huge LEGO Marvel building in 2022, 76178 Daily Bugle is back in stock in the UK and Europe.

The LEGO Group’s first Marvel modular building – or at least its first superhero set designed to connect to the likes of 10297 Boutique Hotel and 10278 Police Station – launched in May last year, but has proven particularly elusive over the past couple of months.

As of the time of writing, however, it’s finally returned to and is available to buy now with immediate shipping. If you’re in the UK, you can also benefit from a £10 price reduction, which came into effect on January 1 alongside other price adjustments, bringing the final total down to just £264.99.

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle 22 edited

That’s still a hefty chunk of change, make no mistake, but in return you’ll get the largest LEGO Marvel set to date (by both piece count and sheer size), a whopping 25 minifigures, and 3,772 pieces. Check out our review for more on why 76178 Daily Bugle should be top of your shopping list if you’re a Spider-Man fan.

There’s another reason you might want to make a beeline for the Bugle, though, and that’s because the LEGO Group is rumoured to be launching another huge Marvel set this year in 76218 The Sanctum Sanctorum. The Doctor Strange model is said to include 2,708 pieces for $210, and while there’s no word yet on whether it’ll connect to 76178 Daily Bugle, we wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

There’s no telling how long this particular restock will last, but if you’re keen to bag it you probably shouldn’t wait to pull the trigger. Given how hard it’s been to come by lately – and indeed, it’s still temporarily out of stock in the US – you never know when it might swing off shelves again.

For now, 76178 Daily Bugle re-enters Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List, displacing 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition, which came back in stock yesterday – but has already sold out again. You do have to be quick with these things…

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