LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes 2017 rumours

More rumoured sets from the 2017 LEGO line-up have surfaced, this time relating to Marvel Super Heroes and DC Super Heroes. It is certainly a crowded year for the latter, with the LEGO Batman Movie range and DC Super Hero Girls sitting alongside the existing line.

The Brick Fan discovered the following alleged list of sets on delta.custom’s Instagram:

DC Super Heroes

  • Bane set with Bane, Mutant Leader and Batman
  • Small Scarecrow plane/helicopter with Scarecrow and Batman
  • Two-Face truck/car including but not limited to Two-Face and Batman

Marvel Super Heroes – Thor Ragnarok

  • Gladiator Ring with Gladiator Hulk, Thor, Loki, Grandmaster and guard
  • Ship build with Bruce Banner, Thor, Valkyrie, Hela and two henchmen

Additionally, the Marvel list mentions a new sculpted helmet piece for Thor. All of this should be treated with caution until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group.



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