LEGO Marvel Avengers Special Editions

It seems like ages since Gamestop revealed the exclusive minifigure which would be included with pre-orders of LEGO Marvel Avengers and despite it being available to pre-order over in the US for months now, there has been zero news on availability in the UK. Until now that is, thanks to images have appeared of PEGI branded pack shots, for non-gamers PEGI is the European classification board. These pack shots feature the exclusive Silver Centurion Iron Man minifigure along with two additional bonuses. One which includes a mini build Quinjet, the Age of Ultron polybag version released this year. With the other pack including an additional characters pack called The Avengers Adventurer Character Pack, this features an image of the Scuba Captain America minifigure which will appear in the new 2016 LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets.

There are no details on availability but normally each version is exclusive to certain retailers with DLC content often tied to a certain platform. Warner did mention earlier this year that the Iron Man “minfigure will ship along with the game for online customers; in-store customers will receive at time of purchase at the exclusive UK retailer while stocks last.” suggesting it will be available from GAME. Amazon may get the Quinjet version, with indies carrying the DLC version. Once official confirmation is available we’ll let you know.

LEGO Marvel Avengers launches on January 26th and will be available on Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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