LEGO Marvel Black Panther: Trouble in Wakanda arrives online

The memorable face-off from Black Panther gets a LEGO rematch in a fun new Marvel Super Heroes short.

Animated tie-ins are a common occurrence for the LEGO Group to participate in, and it is perhaps surprising how late this one arrives, considering the popularity of the movie Black Panther and success it had around the world. Trouble in Wakanda is a full 22 minute animated episode that aired on Disney XD on June 4, and has now been launched online.

In this LEGO Marvel Super Heroes world, Thanos turns up to wreak havoc, but the Avengers manage to deal with him a little more easily than they did in Infinity War. Killmonger is ready for come more villainy though, intent on stealing vibranium from Wakanda.

It is another fun piece of animation from the LEGO Group, with reference to watch out for including the cameo loving Stan Lee and the original LEGO wooden duck – there are plenty more to spot besides.

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