First LEGO Marvel Brick Sketches rumoured for 2022

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Marvel may be coming to in 2022 as a rumour is suggesting that the theme may be seeing two more superheroes next year.

Instagram user brick_clicker is reporting that 2022 will see the launch of the next pair of

following the release of and earlier in 2021. Currently, the theme has six sets from

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, Star Wars and the two Disney

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, but should this rumour be true Marvel may be added to that list. The collection has explored superhero and villain characters before with
40386 Batman
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40428 The Joker
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The source states that

40535 Iron Man

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and 40546 Miles Morales are both arriving on shelves in 2022, with no specific date mentioned. It is believed that the two will cost $17 / £15 each, aligning with the current price of Brick Sketches sets.

The names of both suggest that they would be a brick-built caricature of the appropriate hero with Iron Man and Miles Morales, another version of Spider-Man from the multiverse, respectively.

The Instagram user also mentions that these characters will not be portrayed as


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, but in the flatter form instead. However, all information presented should still be treated with caution until the
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Group makes an official announcement.

Anyone wanting to catch up with the current range of LEGO Brick Sketches can do so now on the official online store with at least half of the theme discounted for

in the US and UK. You can find out more on our dedicated webpage.

Featured Image: The LEGO Group

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