LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76082 ATM Heist Battle review

A memorable moment in Spider-Man Homecoming upon sees the web slinger confront a group of thieves dressed as a poor man’s Avengers – is the same spirit of levity and humour captured in this 185 piece set? 

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Movie versions of Spider-Man have sometimes struggled to capture the humorous side of Peter Parker. Part of Tom Holland’s charm is bringing that cocky Spidey attitude to the big screen. Nowhere in Spider-Man Homecoming is that more evident than the scene where he takes down a group of poorly masked robbers who are tearing into several loaded ATM machines with high tech tools. Spider-Man is his snarky, sardonic self in the scene that the LEGO Group set out to recreate here.

ATM Heist-1

The LEGO Star Wars line has branded Battle Packs, whereas the Marvel Super Heroes line tends to have low priced sets with a minifigure focus. Of the two sets based on the film, 76083 Beware The Vulture is the larger of the two. Here, fans get a trio of minifigures and a fairly usable bank that is just a roof away from looking right at home in a City layout. Subtract the stickers depicting cracks from the window and nothing about this ATM depot would look amiss.

Paired with that satisfying little model are three figures including two that sport alternate faces wearing Captain America and Hulk masks respectively. For AFOLs those alternate faces and a fairly inexpensive way to pick up the new Spidey suit will be 76082‘s main draw.

LEGO designers have included a couple of play features in 76082 ATM Battle Heist, that seem to be a requirement for all Super Heroes sets. A small lever located on one side pops the window out entirely using a well established mechanism that has seen uses across countless themes.

As might be expected, the ATM can also be popped out to simulate a more successful robbery than what plays out on film. This mechanism is the set’s one weak spot as it both makes the backside of the building horrifically ugly and does not work all that well. AFOLs looking to add this structure to their City would do well to just remove it entirely and make a solid back wall when adding a roof. The interior of the building is accessed via a hinge mechanism that leaves plenty of space for even the largest hands to play inside if desired.

Overall this is a great little set, fans of Spider-Man Homecoming and Marvel Super Heroes in general will find a lot to like. There are countless vignette possibilities available for those alternate Avengers faces and being able to get Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in such an inexpensive set is a treat as well.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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  • 14/08/2017 at 08:30

    I do think it’s a shame they didn’t use this set to give us a minifig of Peter’s home made suit. I know this scene in the film is the Stark suit but I think it would have been great to get the other one.


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