LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: Big Worlds in Tiny Packages

Our American friends will be waking to a brand new LEGO adventure this morning, as LEGO Marvel’s Avengers finally hits consoles and handhelds. Unfortunately for us UK types we have to until Friday. Ahead of the UK launch we take another look at handheld versions of the game, releasing on both Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. I’ve always been a fan of the often overlooked handheld versions of the LEGO Videogames, although the follow the same storylines as their bigger console brothers, they also offer a unique enough experience to warrant playing both. However the last few releases have fallen a little flat, with the arcade-style challenges, jettisoned for a more basic style of play. The very things I have championed were slowly removed, however things are set to change once more with the handheld version of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.


LEGO Marvel’s Avengers handheld Game Director Steve Thornton has been providing an insight into the games development over on the Videogames Blog. In his latest post Steve revealed that for the first time ever, a handheld LEGO Videogame will have a full free-roaming open world hub city. Which is a full 1:1 scale rendition of the console Manhattan city hub is playable on both Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, with no breaks, cuts or loading screens. The city will also be fully populated with traffic, pedestrian systems and Free Play content, including 15 handheld exclusive hub challenges.


You can learn more about these exclusive features over on the Videogames Blog. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will be available for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds from Friday. It will also be available for PlayStation 3, PS4, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.



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