LEGO MASTERS final airs tonight on Channel 4

Tonight, fans will find out which build pair will be crowned LEGO MASTERS in the final episode of the series.

For the past few weeks, viewers have been watching pairs of builders compete in a series of challenges to see who will earn the title of LEGO MASTERS. At 8pm tonight on Channel 4, the final challenges will see determine which pair will win the competition overall and see their model displayed in The LEGO House.

In the final episode, the three remaining teams take part in the ultimate Pure Imagination Challenge where in the Unplanned Build, the teams are challenged to create a build that reflects the inner workings of a child’s storytelling imagination. They must each listen to a six-year old child’s story and then have three hours to bring their tales to life in little plastic bricks and inject playability into their builds.


The best two teams then go head-to-head in the Final Master Build where they have two weeks to realise a master creation measuring 2 x 2 metres and using up to 500,000 bricks each. The build must incorporate a central structure and an environment utilising all the skills they have been tested on and developed throughout the competition. The build will then be revealed to the general public at The Design Museum in Kensington, London and is judged by comedian and LEGO enthusiast Dara O’Briain.

The final three pairs are Jamil and James, Nate and Steve and Nicolas and Kobe.

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