LEGO MASTERS launches tonight on Channel 4

The first episode of the new brick based building challenge TV series, LEGO MASTERS, airs tonight on Channel 4.

At 8.00pm tonight on Channel 4, eight teams of builders will begin to compete to be given the title of LEGO MASTERS. The new four episode series takes cues from the format of shows such as The Great British Bake Off, but centred around LEGO building.

The first episode sees 48 pairs of LEGO fans audition to take part in the series, before eight teams are selected to compete for the LEGO MASTERS title. The teams include 9 year old friends, Cambridge University engineering students and a few prominent AFOLs – Nate Dias and Steve Guinness, Nicolas Geerhaert and his son Kobe, Jessica Farrell and her son Faolan. The first challenge sees the teams construct the best LEGO banquet they can, with structural engineer Roma Agrawal guest judging the builds along with LEGO Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton.

Fans looking to get prepped for tonight’s episode should check out this handy guide to each of the build teams.

The series is four episodes long, with the first episode airing tonight on Channel 4 at 8.00pm.


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