LEGO MASTERS: Meet the builders

Tomorrow evening, the block based answer to the Great British Bake Off arrives with LEGO MASTERS, so let’s get to know the build teams

Sure, you can have competitive series about baking cakes, ballroom dating and singing – but when comapared with a genuinely awesome pursuit like LEGO building, they pale in comparison. LEGO MASTERS is the show that Brick Fanatics have been waiting for, celebrating the hobby while presenting it to a broad audience.

When the series premieres tomorrow night, at 8pm on Channel 4, eight build teams will compete to see who will be crowned ‘LEGO MASTERS’. Channel 4 has provided details of each pair of builders, so fans can get to know who they will be cheering on – there may even be a few familiar faces in the running…

abraham and guy

AGE: Nine
HOME LIFE: Lives with Mum, Dad, older sister and brother and younger sister.

AGE: Nine
HOME LIFE: Lives with Mum and Dad and younger brother.

Youngest team in the competition from Telford. Their favourite things to build are spaceships and aeroplanes. Abraham never leaves the house without his ‘emergency lunch box’ full of his favourite LEGO bricks – “you never know when you might be inspired to build”. Guy is a relaxed builder, who finds LEGO creative and great for relaxing in the evenings and weekends. For Guy, “build time is chill time”.

daniel and jack

AGE: 38
JOB: Bank Operations Manager
HOME LIFE: Lives in Northampton

AGE: 12 (11 at the time of filming)
HOME LIFE: Lives with Mother, Lisa, step-dad and brother, also called Daniel.

Uncle and nephew team from Northampton and Wiltshire. They have been united after Jack’s mum Lisa was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. Building with his uncle is what allowed Jack to have his own outlet during his mum’s illness. Lisa says that taking part in this competition is a cathartic experience for her son.

jade and michaela

AGE: 24 (25 now)
OCCUPATION: Teaching Assistant (currently a full-time mum)
HOME LIFE: Lives with parents and her 4-month-old baby (10-month-old baby now)

AGE: 18 (17 at the time of filming)
OCCUPATION: Dance Student
HOME LIFE: Lives with her parents in Cheshire

Building-mad cousins from Cheshire who are more like sisters they spend so much time together. When it comes to their building styles, Michaela has a more systematic approach and likes to take her time to plan and build precisely. Jade is a more ‘messy’ builder and prefers to get stuck into the build with a more ‘trial and error’ approach. She admits she could learn from her cousin’s more accurate building style.

jamil and james

AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Engineering student at University of Cambridge
HOME LIFE: University in term time and in London in the holidays

AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Engineering student at University of Cambridge
HOME LIFE: University in term time and Somerset in the holidays

Third year Engineering students at Cambridge University. They met in their first week of their degree, when they combined forces to design a LEGO robot for a coursework project. This collaboration inspired them to found ‘BLOC Soc’ – Building LEGO on Campus Society – Cambridge’s first and only LEGO society.

jessica and faolan

AGE: 48 (47 whilst filming)
JOB: Horticulturalist
HOME LIFE: Lives with husband and three of her four children

AGE: 14 (13 whilst filming)
HOME LIFE: Lives with Mum, Dad, and siblings

Mother and son team from Kildare in Ireland. Jessica’s most prized MOC (“My Own Creation”) is ‘Her Majesty’s Theatre’ which used no less than 57,992 LEGO elements. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber liked it so much, his company bought it from Jessica.

jonathan and arthur

AGE: 12 (11 at the time of filming)
HOME LIFE: Lives with his parents.

AGE: 12
HOME LIFE: Lives with his parents.

They are brick-building best buddies from Dorset. Arthur would love to create a LEGO New York’s Times Square and Jonathan’s dream build is a life-size replica piano. The pair anticipate they would need around 20,000 bricks for the piano and would like to have the keys on springs so that it can actually be played!

nate and steve
AGE: 29
JOB: Teacher
HOME LIFE: Lives with his wife, Zoe.

AGE: 42
JOB: Teacher
HOME LIFE: Lives with his wife and their two children.

The AFOL teachers from Retford and Chester are a dynamic duo. Both host afterschool LEGO clubs and Steve also produces stop motion animation films with LEGO bricks and mini-figures. He even produced a five-minute film to the Italian Job that took him 400 hours to complete.

nicolas and kobe

AGE: 41 (40 at the time of filming)
JOB: Senior Lecturer in Psychology
HOME LIFE: lives with wife, son and daughter.

AGE: 13 (12 at the time of filming)
HOME LIFE: Lives with parents & sister

BACKSTORY: Father and son team from Essex. Nicolas is a university researcher and teacher in cross-cultural psychology. Kobe loves to learn new facts, in particular – science and natural history. He has been called the “Google” of his class because he knows the answer to many things. Nicolas and Kobe often build together, which allows them to bounce off ideas and improve each other’s work through feedback.

The first episode of LEGO MASTERS airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday, August 24.

Stay tuned to Brick Fanatics for all of the latest LEGO MASTERS news, reviews and commentary.


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