LEGO MASTERS USA contestants announced

The 20 LEGO builders who will be competing in the first ever USA series of LEGO MASTERS have been announced.

LEGO MASTERS USA arrives in February and now the 20 contestants who will be competing for the ultimate brick building price have been revealed. During a series of episodes that will air on Fox, the pairs of builders will complete challenges in an attempt to impress the judges and win a big cash prize as well as the ultimate bragging rights.

Ahead of the series premiere, anyone making a purchase at will get a free reusable bag promoting LEGO MASTERS USA.

Here are the duos who will be competing in the first ever series of LEGO MASTERS USA when it begins on February 5:

Boone and Mark – The Bearded Builders
Ages: 35 / 36
Hometowns: Troutdale, OR / Oregon City, OR
Occupations: Pre-K Teacher / HVAC Installer
Strengths: Technical builds / Apocalyptic worlds

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 7

Mel and Jermaine – East Coast Bricksters
Ages: 39 / 37
Hometowns: Glen Burnie, MD / Bronx, NY
Occupations: Law Enforcement / Technical Cell Phone Consultant
Strengths: Great storytellers / Tall skyscraper buildings

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 9

Krystle and Amie – The Unicorns
Ages: 30 / 34
Hometowns: Dallas, TX / Dallas, TX
Occupations: Gaming Designer / Software Engineer
Strengths: Great storytelling / Character assembly

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 4

Manny and Nestor – Father and Son BFFs
Age: 35 / 65
Hometowns: Bethlehem, PA / Bethlehem, PA
Occupations: Barber / Retired Truck Driver
Strengths: Organic builds / Minifigure character development

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 1

Travis and Corey – Brothers Who Brick
Age: 29 / 34
Hometowns: Irvington, NJ / Monmouth Junction, NJ
Occupations: Preschool Teacher / LEGO Engineering Instructor
Strengths: Creativity / Ingenuity / Speed

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 2

Sam and Jessica – The Eccentrics
Age: 45 / 29
Hometowns: Los Angeles, CA / Redding, CT
Occupations: Set builder / Artist
Strengths: Ingenuity / Storytelling

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 10

Flynn and Richard – Married Thespians
Age: 52 / 52
Hometowns: Oakland, CA / Oakland, CA
Occupations: LEGO Engineering Teacher K-6 / Theatrical Lighting Designer
Strengths: Artistic look / EV3 builds with sensors and motors

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 8

Tyler and Amy – The Newlyweds
Age: 32 / 28
Hometowns: Bradenton, FL / Bradenton, FL
Occupations: Model Designer / Piano Teacher
Strengths: Sculpting – capturing shape & movement / Resourcefulness

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 5

Jessie and Kara – The Higher the Hair the Closer to God
Age: 48 / 49
Hometowns: Captain Cook, HI / Rogers, AK
Occupations: Administrative Assistant / Retail Manager, Landscape Company
Strengths: Team Communication / Focus

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 6

Christian and Aaron – Clark Kent and Superman
Age: 23 / 24
Hometowns: Louisville, KY / Manchester, NH
Occupations: Army Sergeant / LEGO Educator
Strengths: Vehicle builds / Complex shaping

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants 3

LEGO MASTERS will premiere on Fox in the USA on Wednesday, February 5 at 9.00pm ET/10.00pm PT.

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