LEGO MASTERS USA Season 2 comes to the UK this weekend

With another season of the UK version unlikely, the second season of LEGO MASTERS USA has been confirmed for UK screens this weekend.

In August 2022, it will be five years since LEGO MASTERS UK began a worldwide phenomenon of regional LEGO MASTERS series spanning from the USA to the fourth instalment in Australia.

While UK viewers don’t have their version of the show to look forward to any longer, LEGO MASTERS seasons from other countries have previously been aired, bringing the brick-built challenges into their homes again. That trend will continue this weekend with the second season of LEGO MASTERS USA on E4 as confirmed by the Channel 4 TV Schedule.

On Sunday, March 13 at 5:50pm, the first episode of LEGO MASTERS USA Season 2 will air, with the description noting that the challenge for the contestants is to build an eye-catching float for a parade.

We won’t say much more to avoid spoiling the events of the second season for UK viewers, though we previously reported that it left those in the US disappointed due to an erratic streaming schedule.

Provided that Channel 4 can keep things consistent, UK viewers can tune into the start of LEGO MASTERS USA Season 2 starting on Sunday, March 13 at 5:50pm, following the first season early in 2021. Judging by the arrival of the second season, you might be able to look forward to seeing the third instalment in the region in the future too.

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