LEGO Minecraft 2019 sets rumoured

New rumours reveal the LEGO Minecraft sets that may be coming next year.

A few weeks ago, Brick Fanatics reported that next year’s LEGO Minecraft line-up may include a new type of buildable figure. If the latest rumours that the Brick Fan reports prove to be accurate, there will be three such sets initially.

According to the website, the following LEGO Minecraft sets will arrive next year:

21148 Bigfig Steve with Parrot– 159 pieces
21149 Bigfig Alex with Chicken– 160 pieces
21150 Bigfig Skeleton with Magma Cube – 142 pieces
21151 The Last Battle – 222 pieces
21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure – 386 pieces

The first Minecraft set was launched in 2012, when fans rallied on LEGO Ideas to get 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest to be the first project to achieve 10,000 votes. Since then, Minecraft has become a smash hit with children, increasing its grip on the gaming world for the younger market. As a result, the LEGO Group has had a traditional minifigure theme running since 2014 that might have little appeal for adult fans, but has continued to expand since and is popular with children.

These would not be the first LEGO Minecraft buildable figures to be released, with 41612 Steve & Creeper available in the BrickHeadz theme.

The current LEGO Minecraft sets are available now at


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