LEGO Minecraft is here to block your world in two new sets

LEGO Minecraft is visiting some of the game’s most recent updates and side projects in a pair of new sets, as well as introducing some unusual creatures to the theme.

LEGO Minecraft is still going strong after nine years since the first set, 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest, released. Not that there was ever any doubt of course. With a theme based on one of the world’s biggest video games, it was always set to be a success, and the catalogue has expanded even further this month.

Two new sets will join LEGO Minecraft’s 2021 offerings, focusing on specific elements of the game and introducing new aspects of the Minecraft world in physical bricks. This month’s adventures will take builders to the Nether dimension and deep underground.

LEGO Minecraft 21169 lifestyle

The two new sets now available for you to collect and add to your LEGO Minecraft worlds are the following:

21168 The Warped Forest
21169 The First Adventure

Interestingly, the latter of the two sets seems to be based on Minecraft Earth, a spin-off game that used similar technology to other AR mobile games like Pokémon GO. Sadly, it’s been announced that the game will soon be shutting down. At least fans of Minecraft Earth will be able to commemorate the title in brick-built form.

Meanwhile 21168 The Warped Forest focuses entirely on one of the newer updates, which overhauled the Nether dimension with new locations, creatures, items and more. The highlights of the set are undoubtedly the Piglins, which introduce a new head piece.

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